Kieran has been involved in the production industry since leaving school. He has experience in both performance and technical sides of dance production. He is also a qualified Advanced Rigger and has years of rigging experience inside some of Queensland’s largest theatrical venues. Kieran has started Levy Systems to improve the operations of school based venues and productions to a professional level.

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Dorina Caccamo

Dorina has a strong administration background specifically in operations and contracts. Her insight and consultation towards Levy Systems and its clients have ensured clients and staff are protected and aware of legal requirements. She has performed as a dancer for many years and is passionate about the performing arts.


Operations / Information Technology & Media

Josh has experience in both entertainment and customer service which makes him the perfect addition to the Levy Systems team. He is passionate in ensuring the customer or client is happy and able to clearly communicate between themselves and the technicians. He has a wide knowledge of computer based systems as well as networking. Josh joined Levy Systems to help create a modern production company that puts the client first.